Looking back at CNU and ahead to Denison

By: Matt Infante ’17

First-year defenseman Matt Infante

First-year defenseman Matt Infante

Upon arrival at Christopher Newport University we were dealt with unfavorable weather, worst of all the freezing rain. Many of us have never been in such harsh conditons, especially the players from California and Florida (Austin Benacquisto, Ryan Brady, Joe Perrella). Adversity like weather does not stop a General, in fact it motivates one.  We played as hard as we could for the full 60 minutes. The motivation started with superb pump-up speeches from Coach McCabe and none other than Jack Reuter. This went from the field to the bench and yes to the food at the tailgate afterwards. I ate so many of those chicken fingers and chocolate chip cookies. But back to the game, everybody played their hearts out and did everything they could in order to get the W.

The offense seized control early, finishing almost every opportunity they had, resulting in our 14 goals. Oh yeah, Joe Wood had four goals and one assist on the day. Our defense laid the lumber, like Conor O’Toole with the ding-dong and Buck Armstrong with the many one-handed wrap checks. Don’t worry you other poles, you guys played a stellar game too. Those fellas have too much swag. I also need to give a lot of credit to the brick wall we have in goal, Warren Berenis because god only knows how cold his hands were. Now to the bench…

We were all hyped up from the talks our coach and captain gave and feeling the freeze from the environment. This led to us start getting rowdy and yelling at the other team. We keyed in on specific players and were sure to get EXTRA loud when these players came anywhere near us. The bench should be in the stat book because we caused at least 5 turnovers on the day. Many of us thrived in the cold to cheer on our team, like my good friend Kevin Braddish. Our screams were contagious in the sense that the team played better when we were louder. And when our team played better, we got louder. It acted as a cycle only to benefit the Gennies.  It was a full team effort from Armstrong to Zanetis. This was a fun game and we look to have more fun on Saturday at 1 pm against Denison.

When I look at the calendar and see our game against Denison, I see an opportunity. An opportunity to show the lacrosse world what the 2014 W&L lax team is all about. We are a group of dudes that work hard and play even HARDER.  Because of that, I know this season will be one hell of a ride that I look forward to being apart of. Watch out Denison.

Early and often- Jack Blair


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