A Day in My Life (Jonathan Henry)

By: Jonathan Henry ’17

First-year midfielder Jonathan Henry

First-year midfielder Jonathan Henry

Today, a typical Tuesday during the season, began for me with an early alarm at 7:50 am. On good mornings, I’ll be able to shower and eat breakfast in the Dining Hall before my 8:35 class. Professor Cooper teaches my class, Philosophy 150, Environmental Ethics. Today the class, one that focuses on placing value in nature, has the topic of animal rights. For class, we had been required to read chapters from “Ethics and the Environment” by Dale Jamieson. Professor Cooper spent much of the hour and twenty-five minutes of class challenging us to think about in which instances do we include non-human beings as moral patients.

After class a fellow freshman lacrosse player who is in Professor Cooper’s class, Sam Barrett, and I head to the dining hall for a mid-morning snack. The best food you can whip up at that time has to be bumpers cereal with chocolate milk and sliced bananas. Unfortunately today, I had an Accounting 201 midterm later around 8:10 pm so after breakfast, I headed to the library to study (see Mom…).

The Dining Hall usually serves at least one good choice of food for lunch and today there happened to be a delicious nacho bar. On Tuesday’s, I have a second class, Global Politics, with two other lacrosse players, sophomore Henry Waite and freshman Chris Comerford. Today both of them presented their power points on Global dilemmas and provided great knowledge for the entire class.

As the class ended 2:50, I headed to Graham-Lees to study for my accounting test with renown freshman lacrosse player, Matt Infante. Before heading down to practice, which lasts from 4:45-6:45 on most days, we grabbed a quick PB&J and chocolate milk.

Some days we will lift before practice, or watch film of the opposing team. Today’s practice was a bruiser, consisting of up-tempo drills and plenty of conditioning.  Today’s practice lacked an enthusiastic pump up speech from the great captain, Jack Reuter, however, Sean Gebhard provided a solid one in his place. Sadly practice didn’t have any music. It did however have the beloved 300 and jingle-jangle runs, and full field work. I felt like we got better at today’s practice behind the great play of “la flama blanco” during the General’s Drill and an aggressive defense led by the ever-enthusiastic Coach Kiley. This week is especially important as we missed practice Monday due to a snow day and as we look to rebound from a disappointing performance this past weekend.

Matt Infante, a unique joke-teller who has re-energized the static stretching period, concluded the end of practice with yet another phenomenal calves joke. On normal days, days without a midterm, I will be in the locker room, listening to Baner repetitively ask for our laundry loops. Post-practice, we usually head to the dining hall as a freshmen class, enjoying the froyo machine and great dessert bar, staying there until it closes at 8pm.

After taking the midterm with other lacrosse players, such as Christian Zanetis, Andrew Riehel, Robbie Lance and Kevin Braddish (we all crushed it), I was lucky enough not to have any homework and played a quick game of Super Smash Brothers with Whit Griffin in Graham-Lees (sorry Mom…). Most nights consist of doing homework, first floor on the library with other lacrosse players, and possibly a run to the Café for a bacon sunrise sandwich. The night usually ends with a few snapchats and a goodnight call from Jack Reuter.

Up Next: Coach McCabe provides a mid-season report card.


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